The Football photographs, made in and around high schooll football stadiums, are short stories about community culture.

Big Lady, Lamasa, Texas.
Van Horn, Texas.
Ratliff Stadium, Odessa, Texas.
El Paso High School, El Paso, Texas.
Denver City, Texas.
Fields Stadium, Somewhere, Texas.
Whitharral, Texas.
Tomato Bowl, Jacksonsville, Texas.
Payne Field, Silverton, Texas.
Fightin' Indians, Jacksonsville, Texas.
Franklin, Texas.
Field of Hopes and Dreams, Texaco, New Mexico.
Fighting Commanches, Somewhere, Texas.
Home Team Bench, Somewhere, Colorado.
Indian Territory, Quanha, Texas.
Somewhere, Oklahoma.
Follett, Texas.
Snyder Lanes & Grill, Snyder, Texas.
Fightin' Beavers, somewhere Colorado.